Plank Variations for Volleyball

I am happy to see so many volleyball athletes performing planks in their warm-up and also part of their strength routine. However, I see plank variations butchered all the time. The athlete commonly places too much stress on the lower back and does not get enough activation through their glutes and abdominals.

In this video, I teach you how to PROPERLY perform planks and also how to progress the
exercise so athletes can be challenged at all levels.

Why are planks important for volleyball athletes?

1. Injury prevention
Increasing the strength of your core will help protect your lower back.
2. Performance
When playing volleyball you are constantly being thrown off balance, being able to stabilize
through your core will allow you to execute the skill at a higher level. Whether you are blocking,
passing, digging, or attacking core activation is of extreme importance.
3. Warm up
Athletes want to get their muscles properly activated before practicing or playing. Without proper
activation before practice or a match, your body will not be primed to perform explosive movements
and your risk for injury increases.

Planks are awesome and can be performed anywhere.
Pick a plank variation that properly challenges you and performs 2 sets lasting for 30 seconds
each set. Do this every day!

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