3 Must Perform Core Exercises for Volleyball

3 Must Perform Core Exercises for Volleyball

As a volleyball player your stability is constantly being tested. Your ability to contract through your core and resist forces from varying angles will often determine whether you will be successful with the skill or not.

Some examples where your core stability is being tested is when your blocking, attacking, passing outside of your body, landing from a jump, changing directions, and much more. Being strong through your core is both performance enhancing and injury preventative.

In this video we are focusing on three core exercises that will help improve your bodies ability to resist force. These exercises are suitable for athletes at all levels. I give you multiple different levels to each exercise so that beginners to elite level athletes can reap the benefits.

Core Routine

Exercise 1. Front Plank or High Plank Shoulder Touches 30 to 40 seconds

20 seconds rest

Exercise 2. Side Plank with Knee Bend, Side Plank, or Side Plank Leg Raises 30 to 40 seconds per side

20 seconds rest

Exercise 3. Glute Raise 6 reps 5 second holds , 1 Leg Glute Raise 8 to 10 per side, or Glute Raise Leg Extensions 4 per side with 5 second holds

60 seconds rest

Completing all three exercises one after the other completes one round. Perform three total rounds.


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