3 Volleyball Specific Warm Up Exercises

3 Volleyball Specific Warm Up Exercises

It is commonly known that you need to replace the oil in your car. If you don’t change the oil, the gears start grinding and the car begins to deteriorate. Warming up before volleyball is much the same. If you do not warm up well, the gears (your joints) will be grinding away and your body will beak down over time.

A good warm up includes dynamic stretches that help improve your movement quality, delivers lots of blood to your muscles, and primes your body to be able to perform at a high level. Your warm up can even go a layer deeper and help you improve your volleyball specific skills.

In this video we cover 3 volleyball specific warm up exercises that will help you develop better jumping mechanics, side lunge patterns to pass balls outside of your mid-line, and improve your torso rotation when attacking.

Here is the routine:

Exercise 1. Banded Hinge Pattern 12 repetitions

Exercise 2. Side Lunge + Overhead Reach 6 per side

Exercise 3. Thoracic Rotations and Rotational Swings 10 per side

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