Vertical Education Series Video 2 | Single Leg Jumping

In volleyball we mainly jump off two legs at a time, but it is critical that you train single leg jumping. You will find all volleyball players have a discrepancy in the strength/power between the left versus right leg. You will also notice an athletes stability and control will vary from left versus right. It is important to do single leg strength training and also single leg plyometrics to keep both legs strong, powerful, and stable.

This is video 2 in our 4 part Vertical Education Series. 2012 Beach Volleyball Olympian Martin Reader and I (Reid Hall) go into deep detail on the what, why, and how with vertical training. In this video we cover the WHY with Single Leg Jumping and give you a game changing Single Leg Jumping progression.

In Video 3 we cover Multi-Directional Jumping.

Coach Reid Hall

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