volleyball workout knee injury prevention

As you probably already know, overuse injuries in volleyball are very common. But It makes sense if you think about it. If you have poor posture, and overly tight muscles and you mix this with a repetitive high impact sport (volleyball) you are creating a recipe for disaster. Having to sit out because of injury is wasting your valuable time to improve.

You need to be proactive! The Ultimate Recovery Routine is a blend of Self Myofascial Release, Static and Dynamic stretching that will help you release excessively tight muscles and improve the way your joints function.

Here’s What the Recovery Routine Looks Like

The routine is made up of 25 exercises that take you through your entire body. The routine starts with your foot and ankle joint and works all the way through your body.

Here is a list of the common volleyball injuries your workout program and recovery routine will help you prevent:

check-mark-md-45x45Patella Tendinitis (jumpers knee)

check-mark-md-45x45Shoulder Impingements

check-mark-md-45x45Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy

check-mark-md-45x45Patella Tendinitis

check-mark-md-45x45Back Injuries

check-mark-md-45x45Ankle Sprains

check-mark-md-45x45Hip Impingements

check-mark-md-45x45Shin Splints

volleyball stretch recovery workout
high performace volleyball specific workout programs

Foam Rolling

Reduce muscular adhesions SO THAT you can restore suppleness to your muscles

high performace volleyball specific workout programs

Hard Ball Tissue Massaging

Reduce the tightness of the fascia that surrounds your muscles SO THAT you are overly tight restricted

high performace volleyball specific workout programs

Dynamic Mobility Work

Improve how your joints function and articulate SO THAT you do not compensate when performing various volleyball movements

high performace volleyball specific workout programs

Static Stretching

Reduce hamstring tightness and lower back discomfort SO THAT you can sit in a healthier passing and defensive posture

Are You Ready to Train Like the Pros?