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About Reid Hall

I want to help you get into the best shape of your life

I am a former professional volleyball player and coach who strives to work my hardest to help others achieve their fitness goals. As an athlete and elite level strength and conditioning coach, I know the proper conditioning and strength training required to succeed. My athletic and academic background has provided me with the knowledge and skills to help you reach and sustain your ultimate self.

Achievements and Qualifications:

  1. 5 time Canadian National Gold Medalist in Beach volleyball
  2. Beach Volleyball Gold Medalist at 2009 Canada Games
  3. Former Team Canada Beach Volleyball Athlete
  4. Honors Degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences from York University
  5. 4 time winner of the sports excellence award at York University
  6. Strength and Conditioning Coach and Volleyball Coach
  7. Captain of the York University Volleyball team 2009 and 2010


Reid’s Volleyball & Strength/Conditioning Journey

 My volleyball journey began in high school, where I competed in both indoor and beach volleyball. My beach volleyball partner (Adam Podstawka) and I captured multiple youth national gold medals and were selected by Volleyball Canada to represent Canada at the U18 World Championships in Italy. Adam and I took home a 4th place finish.

The 4th place finish was motivating and eye opening for me. I knew with hard and focused training we could catch the teams that finished ahead of us. However, teams that finished above us were much taller and stronger. I wanted to do whatever it took to take my game to the next level, and eventually make the Canadian National Beach Volleyball team.

I realized then and there, I do not have control over my height, but I had control of my strength!

Standing only 6’0 was a major disadvantage as a volleyball player, competing against other players that hit 6’7. So, I needed to become faster, stronger, and more dynamic than the other athletes in order to win.

At age 17 I started going to the gym 4 days a week with absolute focus on developing myself to become the best athlete possible. While other high school students were partying, I was working out, practicing, competing, eating, or sleeping.

I saw results quickly. I was jumping higher, moving faster, and most importantly gaining confidence.

York University in Toronto offered me an academic/athletic scholarship and allowed me to network and learn from the National Beach Volleyball team, who trained near by. I studied Kinesiology and Health Sciences at York, which fit well with my passion for athletic training and nutrition.

The hard work paid off. In 2008, I made the Canadian National Volleyball team and got the opportunity to play at the international level. My dream as a kid had become a reality.

While in university my love for training continued to grow. My life revolved around working out, studying, and practicing/competing as an international level volleyball player.

While being on the National Team, I gained access to some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in North America. I became a sponge, absorbing every piece of knowledge that I could possibly gain from these coaches.

Through my journey I have developed a very refined skill set in periodizing strength and conditioning programs to specifically match diverse clients’ goals. I have helped hundreds of clients decrease fat mass, gain muscle, improve their overall body composition, gain athletic attributes, and most importantly become healthier!

I am currently the head strength and conditioning coach for several Universities and Colleges. I create all the workout programs for the athletes to follow. These programs lead the athletes on a progressive path to make some major physical improvements.

Over the past three years I have created an exercise video library that my clients, athletes, and schools all gain access to. This has allowed me to train athletes from all over the world. The video platform is used for the athletes to reference so that they know how to perform the exercise as technically as possible.


Our women’s volleyball team at Thompson Rivers University have had the pleasure of working with Reid over the past 6 months and the feedback and results from the group has been tremendous.  Being able to access the video platform for technical points, as well as Reid’s availability has also allowed our athletes to tailor their program so it works for them.  Athletes have been able to target their specific needs and Reid has always responded in a timely manner to be able to make sure the workouts are getting the best out of the individual athlete.  Working with Reid using his volleyball specific training program has helped our program move in the right direction!”

Chad Grimm

Head Coach of Thompson Rivers University Women’s Volleyball

Services Offered

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