Banded Defensive Movements

Adding band resistance to a volleyball players defensive movements can really help improve the athletes speed at which they get to the ball. The resistance helps the athlete really feel the muscles required to generate a powerful first step that accelerates their body towards the ball.

Exercise 1: The Banded Lateral Drive Step focuses on developing power in your first step. This movement is shown when you need to make a powerful lateral step to get behind the ball. The initial push off with the leg that is further away from the ball is normally determines whether you get to the ball or not.

Exercise 2: Banded Turn and Sprint helps improve your ability to quickly move from defensive posture into an all out sprint. In indoor volleyball this movement is displayed when you need to chase down a ball that is greater than six feet outside of your body. In order to get to the ball you need to turn and run! In beach volleyball this movement is shown when you are set up in the cross court on defense and then need to turn to chase down a line roll shot.

For both movements stay in an athletic volleyball posture. Your back angle should be at about 45 degrees and have a slight bend in your knees. Try not to stand TALL when you make your initial step. Maintain a low athletic posture.

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