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This program is for focused beach volleyball players that compete in the OVA tournaments and are ready to take their game to the next level. Having a partner is not required but recommended as most of these athletes plan on competing in the Ontario Championships or National Championships 2016. Our coaching staff is made up of two lead coaches, Reid Hall and Adam Podstawka, both former National Team athletes, as well as guest coach Paul Podstawka, former National Team athlete that competed in the main draw on the FIVB World Tour. Athletes will learn fundamental and advanced technical skills, as well as basic and elite level strategy that will force their game to the next level. The cap for amount of players is 24, as here on the elite side of Legacy, we don’t exceed the 8:1 player to coach ratio.

Dates: January 10 – May 15, 2015
Dates Excluded: Jan 23, Feb 13, Mar 20, Apr 5

Time Slots: 10:30-12:30pm

All 15 sessions – 325$+hst
10 session – 250$+hst
5 session – 140$+hst
1 session – 35$+hst
**Does not include Legacy Jersey. Legacy clothing can be purchased by CLICKING HERE