Jump Higher By Squatting Better

Squatting variations are one the most important exercises in a volleyball players training routine. If you squat properly and increase the weight intelligently your vertical will improve. However most people are awful squatters which leads to injuries. The purpose of this article and videos is to make you or your team better at squatting so that you can reap the performance enhancing benefits.

Athletes over the age of 13 should be squatting a couple days a week. Young athletes should be performing basic squatting variations like goblet squats (you have a video below). Goblet squats will help increase leg strength, improve hip and ankle mobility, and also teach the athletes body how to get into a better loaded position to jump from. Young athletes should start with really light weight, and focus on technique. As the athlete becomes more efficient with the movement pattern slowly begin increasing the weight.

As athletes start approaching their final year in high school they should be performing more complex variations of the squat, like back squats and front squats (you have a video below). However if the athletes have not been performing the basic variations in their past they will not be ready and will be left behind many other athletes. Between the ages of 17 to 25 athletes make their greatest physical improvements. It is extremely important for athletes to train properly within that time-frame so that they are able to get as close as possible to their physical potential.

Goblet Squats

Back Squats

Back Squats from Reid Hall on Vimeo.


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