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I was at the Presidents Day volleyball tournament in Chicago a couple months ago. The tournament features some of the best club volleyball teams in the United States. I noticed a common theme with the top teams. The athletes were technically strong passers and defenders but they were bad technically at jumping. They did not get into a good loaded position, their arm drive was weak, and they also did not land well.

Jumping and landing needs to be taught in order to increase your vertical and also decrease the chances of injury. With volleyball players already jumping a ton in practice raises the question, should volleyball players do plyometrics outside of practice/competition? My answer is it depends. If the athlete’s knees are constantly aching, then the focus should be getting their knees back to health. Once the knees have recovered you need to teach the athlete how to JUMP AND LAND PROPERLY so that they are not battling knee issues for their entire volleyball career.

Healthy volleyball players should perform low volume plyometrics where there is a specific technical focus that they are trying to improve on. Performing additional jumps without a focus is a waste of energy. By developing proper jumping and landing mechanics you can perform more jumps with less risk of getting injured and also improve the height that you contact the ball on your attack.

Here is a plyometric routine that will help improve jumping and landing mechanics.


Exercise 1: Drop to Load

  • 1 set of 12 repetitions

Exercise 2: Load to Extend

  • 3 sets, 10 repetitions, 30 seconds rest between sets

Exercise 3: Jump Pause

  • 3 sets, 8 repetitions, 45 seconds rest between sets

Exercise 4: Continuous Jumps

  • 4 sets, 8 repetitions, 30 seconds rest between sets

Exercise 5: Drop to Box Jump

  • 6 sets, 4 repetitions, rest 1 minute +

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