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“We decided to change things up this off-season. I was encouraged to talk with Reid about his plans for athletes and it was a great decision to use his workouts. The use of his app has been very good for our players, it’s easy to use and he’s able to give feedback in the same day. Another positive, is the ease to upload videos of their workouts for Reid to evaluate. I appreciate the time and energy Reid has put into all of it, which allows our players the freedom to workout in between classes or gym time. Will definitely continuing Reid’s workouts. ”
Eric Hagan

Head Women's Volleyball Coach, Kentucky Wesleyan College

“I reached out to Reid at a point in my career where I started to feel a plateau in my overall performance physically and mentally and needed to burst through those walls. I felt a lag in my overall improvement, I had shoulder and knee injuries starting to creep up that hindered my workouts. Reid took his personal time to speak with me about my issues and what my goals were for myself, where I felt I wanted to improve. I went through a physical assessment and he created a program that he believed would help me through this slump, Man was he ever right! Even just after a few weeks into the program I started feeling my aches and pains start to go away, after a couple of months I was stronger already then I’ve every been in my career. My agility and endurance during matches was incredible, I felt amazing and best part is my recovery after is accelerated and painless. I thank Reids workouts for lighting that fire back in me with a blowtorch. Excited to continue working with him. Best of the best.”

Professional volleyball Player

“I started Reid’s workout program about 3 months ago, and I love the workouts! The workouts really push me, and I felt like I was getting stronger almost right away. I didn’t really workout very much before because I didn’t think it was fun, and I wasn’t very motivated. But after starting to do these workouts, I feel motivated because it is keeping me healthy and is also making me a better volleyball player. The workouts include exercises that are perfect for working on my jumping and making me quicker on the court. I really like the app because it has videos showing how to do each exercise of the workouts, which is super handy because I didn’t know most of the exercises because I never really worked out before. I also like how you can click the completed button after you are done with an exercise, so you know you did it or that you still have to do the exercise—it keeps me on track. His workouts work well for me and I would definitely recommend them to my friends! ”
Riley Diebes

14 year old Volleyball Player

“Reid’s workouts have really helped me to increase the level of my game and the app has made it very easy for me. The app is very user-friendly and makes communication much easier. Additionally, the workouts are laid out in an understandable way and the videos are extremely helpful. By doing these workouts, I have felt myself become stronger and overall become a better volleyball player. I have been jumping higher (over a 4 inch gain), been more explosive, and been able to get to balls I haven’t been able to before. Also, I have been able to recover better, with the recovery exercises I was given. ”
Lauren Wilcock

16 year old Beach Volleyball Athlete

“I have been working with Reid for about 5 years now and I can honestly say that I would not have achieved all that I have if it wasn’t for him. Between the workouts and the injury prevention stretches and activities, he has helped me become a better volleyball player and overall athlete. The past couple years he has been working with my club (Halton Hurricanes) and that has also been so beneficial not only for me but for the rest of my team and the club as well. He puts in so much time and effort to make sure that we are always improving and getting better by coming up with the best possible work outs for us to do to help us achieve our goals as athletes. He is so dedicated to helping the next generation of athletes and is always encouraging us to be the best possible version of ourselves. I really appreciate all of the work that Reid has put in to helping me become a better athlete by getting stronger one workout at a time.”
Emma Mckinnon

McMaster University, Team Canada Youth National Team, Halton Hurricanes

“Reid Hall has been a huge part of the success of our club over the past several years. The work he does with our athletes has made them faster, stronger, more agile and less prone to injury. We recommend Reid to all our athletes. We have noticed a staggering difference between our athletes that perform strength training with Reid compared to the athletes that do not. ”
Kelly Smith

Founder of Pakmen Volleyball Club

“Over the past few months Reid has helped me in continue to build on my strength and improve my fundamental movements on the court. The training app makes it easy to access the workouts and his breakdown of each specific exercise helps to focus on the targeted areas I need to hit. I’m looking forward to getting back on the court as I’m feeling even more stable and explosive in my movements. ”
Terrell Bramwell

OCAA Player of the Year, Former Team Canada Volleyball, 49 inch vertical

“Any athlete looking to change their game should seriously consider Reid’s Workouts. I made staggering improvements on my speed, vertical, and overall movement quality. I started training with Reid at 14 years old and I am now entering my 2nd year as the libero at Indiana University. Throughout this time I have been lucky enough the play on our Provincial and National Teams.”
Haley Armstrong

Libero at Indiana Volleyball, Team Canada Volleyball

“Our team has worked with Reid in the past and were able to continue this journey with him recently. Reid’s sport specific knowledge has been a huge asset to our team in allowing us to reach our peak level of fitness and performance. Having access to Reid’s App allows our team to get instant access to video demonstrations of each exercise, as well as the ability to post videos instantly to Reid in which he can give feedback to our athletes to help correct any technical issues they may be experiencing. We look forward to getting stronger, faster and more explosive with Reid’s expertise and guidance!”
Chad Grimm

Head Coach - TRU Women's Volleyball

“Reid had been my strength trainer for about a year now and I have enjoyed every second of working with him. He is not only 100 percent invested in helping me become a better volleyball player but he is also SO invested in me as a person. Growing and pushing myself to be the absolute best every single day. His workouts on the app are super easy to follow and is a very useful tool for us to connect when I am overseas competing. I have seen such rapid improvements in a variety of volleyball skills because of his training! I am looking forward to continuing to work with him throughout my journey to the Olympic Games.”
Sophie Bukovec

Team Canada Beach Volleyball, USC Beach Alumni, 3X NCAA Champion, U21 Beach Volleyball World Champion

“I reached out to Reid after I already started my professional career in Sweden. At that time my battery life as an athlete was at an all time low. My shoulder and knees felt like they were destroyed. Reid’s Workouts helped me build a nice coating of armour around my joints so that I could continue kicking [butt] throughout the season. Before Reid’s Workout programs I did train regularly, however the quality of my lifts improved a ton from watching his videos.”
Eric Simon

University team: Western Ontario | OUA Player of the year | Pro: Tierp VBK (Sweden)

“Before training with Reid, I had no clue what I was doing. His programs laid things out so that it was very easy to follow. This was the first time that I actually loved training. His workouts were so dynamic and took into consideration the technical movements in the game. The biggest difference that I noticed, I was putting away balls with ease that were set way off the net. The best service out there!”
Julia Hamer

Julia Hamer | Team Canada Beach Volleyball Player

“Reid’s workout programs has helped me in a ton of different ways. I am practicing 5 or 6 days a week and competing so the health of my body is very important. Reid designed an amazing recovery program for me so that it no longer takes me 2 full days after a match for my body to feel back to normal. I also used Reid’s services in my off-season, and holy [cow] I entered season swinging harder and jumping higher than ever before.”
Steve Hunt

University team: University of Hawaii Pro: Wing 46 Phitsanulok (Thailand) Formerly: SWD Powervolleys Duren (Germany)

“Reid’s workouts has helped me improve my strength so much! Reid does a great job of customizing workouts specifically towards my goals and adjusts things according to my practice and competition schedule. He is also supportive and encouraging! Reid is very knowledgeable and I trust in him and his program. After missing a season of club, Reid’s workouts and his guidance in nutrition helped me get back onto a top-level competitive team. Thank you Reid!”
Peytou Wright

Our women’s volleyball team at Thompson Rivers University have had the pleasure of working with Reid over the past 6 months and the feedback and results from the group has been tremendous. Being able to access the video platform for technical points, as well as Reid’s availability has also allowed our athletes to tailor their program so it works for them. Athletes have been able to target their specific needs and Reid has always responded in a timely manner.”
Chad Grimm

“I have been training with Reid now for approximately three years. Reid has provided me (and my brothers) with customized workouts that have helped me to not only become a stronger athlete mentally and physically, while also reducing the risk of injury. Reid designs our workouts to also be fun by using a variety of different exercises. Thanks to Reid, I can jump higher, move faster and am especially more confident with myself!”
Ghloe Deemers

“After only a month of working with Reid, I not only got much stronger, I gained a lot of knowledge about working out. My vertical increased by a few inches and overall I felt a lot stronger. Also, I learned a variety of different exercises and how to maintain proper form. Overall, working with Reid Hall helped take my game to the next level. I have been able to continue improving my game everyday because of the principals and work ethic he instilled in me”

“The improvements we have seen in our athletes has been unreal. Reid is quick to resolve concerns and makes adjustments to workouts as needed very quickly. I would recommend Reid and his programming to anyone looking to get stronger, faster and more prepared for their season”
Lucas Hodgson

“In just two months of Reid’s Workouts I can already see a big difference in my attack speed and control. I feel like my core is a lot stronger than last year and I can generate a lot more power from it. My shoulder feels really healthy and the recovery program has been a big help.”
Jocoto Bothen

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