Boost Your Vertical Now

Boost Your Vertical Now

Are you serious about improving your vertical?

Get instant access to our complete vertical education series for FREE. 2012 Beach Volleyball Olympian Martin Reader and I (Reid Hall) go into deep detail on the what, why, and how with vertical training.

Here is what you will receive:

Video 1- Learning to Land… Land softer and more efficiently SO THAT you will have less knee and ankle related injuries.

Video 2- Single Leg Jumping… Develop single leg strength and power SO THAT you will be more symmetrically balanced and driving more force into the ground.

Video 3- Multi-Directional Jumping… Jump more efficiently and in multiple directions SO THAT you can become a more athletic jumper.

Video 4- Neurological Training… Recruit more fast twitch muscle fibers SO THAT you can become a more powerful jumper.

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